RtI meeting synopsis 3/3/09


At our meeting today the RtI team formulated ways to collect FSUS-specific information that will be factored into our RtI plan. This includes Core reading & math curriculums, supplemental intervention programs, behavior supports and ways to collect assessment data (including universal universal screening, progress monitoring and targeted diagnostic.)
Collecting and organizing these enables us to see where we have specific gaps that need to be filled in and how each missing component affects the others (for example, we identified that there is no consistent math curriculum in elementary which makes it hard to develop universal screenings which gives us no starting point for progress monitoring, an so on.)

We also reviewed the curriculum maps put into place for grades 6-8 school for language arts and math and discussed the ways that progress monitoring monitoring can be built into them. We have a plan to do this in the elementary for our Core reading and the statewide reading assessment that begins next year (Juanita, our elementary reading coach is heading this up) but to my knowledge we haven't gotten very far with our math map.

In addition, we have outlined a form that we will create in Excel that will include all pre-existing relevant data collection points for individual individual students compared to identified targets with standardized assessments or 80% achievement achievement on CBMs. This is per the new statute which will require graphical representation of data to present to families. We will also include classroom numbers so that we can evaluate how each classroom is doing as a whole, which will help us know if there is a need to improve and streamline instructional practices or if the individual student is performing well below peers. This will be available to teachers in electronic format or as a hard copy.
We have determined that class wide class wide data should be used to implement interventions within Tier 1 per the Standard Protocol Model of RtI.

~Thanks to all that were there.

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